+ Where is the school located?

Our building is located on the north side of Broadway and 43rd street at 4310 E Broadway Rd in Phoenix (directly across the parking lot from River of Life church). It is currently under renovation, but we’ll be holding open houses to give families tours of the space. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with all of the incredible progress!

+ What are the school hours?

Our school hours are 8:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

+ What is the school calendar?

2019-2020 Academic Calendar

+ Are uniforms required? What is the dress code?

Uniforms are not required, but we will adhere to a dress code. The purpose of the PIA dress code is to foster a professional, safe and respectful environment at school. The dress code is in effect from the time students arrive to school until they leave. Note that students must be in dress code before school begins if they enter the building before the official start of school. The dress code applies to field trips, site visits, academic internships, and other school-related activities, unless the supervising adult informs the students otherwise. The dress code applies equally to students and staff.

Dress code guidelines are as follows:


  • Exposed mid-sections are not acceptable.

  • Sweaters and jackets of an appropriate size and length may be worn over, but not in place of, an appropriate shirt.

  • Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed to substitute for an appropriate shirt.


  • Appropriate school attire includes long pants, shorts, or skirts worn at the waist.

  • Excessively baggy pants are not acceptable.

  • Jeans in good repair are acceptable.

  • Skirts and shorts must be of acceptable length (must be longer than the ends of your fingertips with arms at your sides).

**Other clothing guidelines: **

  • Text that promotes violence, alcohol, tobacco or drugs is prohibited.

  • Flips flops and slippers are not allowed.

  • Exposed midsections are not allowed.

  • Hats and hoods are permitted outdoors only.

  • Bandanas are prohibited.

  • Appropriate attire for academic internships varies by workplace. Students must remain in dress code while at school.

+ Will there be transportation?

Yes, we will have a school bus. Our bus stops will be based upon the needs and locations of our families. Our school is also located directly off a city bus line.

+ Are breakfast and lunch provided?

Yes, both breakfast and lunch will be provided.

+ What is your homework policy?

There is overwhelming evidence that traditional homework at the elementary school level is not predictive of future academic success, and in many cases, can cause children to develop negative mindsets towards school. We deeply value families reading and communicating together and encourage families to read outside of school. Students may work on projects outside of school or feel inclined to solve a few problems at home, but we will not push a strong mandatory homework agenda.

+ How do you approach discipline?

Our philosophy is rooted in a restorative justice framework. We prioritize helping kids identify harm done and the impact it caused to others, followed by assisting them find a way to “restore” or fix the harm done. We have found this positive and restorative framework to yield stronger critical thinking skills and stronger school communities, versus a punitive, or consequence-based, approach.

+ What are your class sizes and student/educator ratios?

Our school will be broken into learning communities of approximately 75 students, served by 3 educators, making the student/educator ratio approximately 25:1. Our model ensures that all students are receiving instruction the they each need. Your child can expect to spend some time in a larger group of approximately 25, but also spend a significant part of the day in a smaller group focused on their specific needs.

+ What about my younger kids?

Phoenix International Academy will open in the 2019-2020 school year with grades 4th - 8th. Our plan is to expand to other grade levels and eventually serve Kindergarten - 8th grade students. Our students attend school for 200 days and will continue school during the month of June. We will work with families who have younger children and are concerned about the lack of opportunities for those younger children during the summer. PIA may be able to offer camps for younger siblings of PIA students during the month of June, in order to prepare them to attend our school in the upper grades.

+ How does PIA work with our family to help transition to high school?

Students who graduate from PIA will have advantage of critical thinking skills, real world experience, and problem solving practice that will allow them to thrive in any high school environment. Our students will be working on real problems, often with real professionals in the field. Because of this, students will leave PIA confident in themselves, with excellent written and verbal communication skills that can reach a diverse audience. When they encounter problems, they will have the tools to overcome them and the confidence to find the adults that can support them.

+ Does PIA accept and service students with special needs?

Yes. All students are encouraged to enroll at PIA. We believe every student is a diverse learner and commit to meeting each child where they are at. Students with special needs will receive services according to their Individualized Education Plan from our highly qualified team of educators.

+ What are your assessment measures?

As a public charter school, we are held to the same accountability and testing measures as any other public school. Our students will participate in all Arizona State Assessments, such as the AZMerit. We will also use the NWEA MAP measure as we believe it provides a more rigorous comparison point for student growth and achievement on a national level. We believe assessment should be limited and only used when there are clear and meaningful purposes.

+ Will students have access to technology?

Students will each receive a chromebook, have the ability to take it home with them, and keep them when they graduate from PIA.

+ Why should I send my child to PIA?

Phoenix International Academy partners with families and communities to provide powerful learning experiences that unleash students’ natural ability for creativity, innovation, collaboration and social responsibility. We take the time to figure out each child’s strengths and areas for growth, and tailor learning to their specific needs. Students learn through working on projects, which are driven by their interests and academic needs. Through these projects, students develop the academic and social emotional competencies to complete higher education, thrive in the future of work, and create positive change in their communities and the world.